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Drain mapping project: Drainage survey, investigation, condition assessment & environmental drainage audit for a office & workshop complex.drain mapping

Tardis Environmental UK carried out the drain mapping survey and investigation work at a Midlands manufacturing facility. These large busy workshops & offices have interceptor chambers and complex drainage networks but no drainage plans.

The drain mapping survey and report objectives were as follows:

  • To provide accurate plans showing all buildings and features.
  • Map all drains and sewers including roof drainage, gullies, S&V's, manholes.
  • To prove the connectivity of the drainage system.
  • To identify connections to the public drainage system or water courses.
  • To identify any oil interceptors and determine their volume and classification.
  • To identify and report on any pollution to the surface water drainage system or water courses.
  • To highlight any deficiencies in the drainage system.
  • To make recommendations for future maintenance and remedial works.

Typical extract from the drainage plan dye tracing to prove connection ...

We used topographical survey methods to map features, impermeable areas, and manhole positions. All manhole covers were lifted and pipe connectivity traced using dye trace, rods and CCTV. Gullies, down pipes, and internal waste pipes were all traced and connections marked on the plan.

The Tardis drainage report provided the basis of our client's environmental management system. The report has also been utilised for drainage maintenance planning and gives a firm base for environmental auditing.

Pictured -  dye trace so that a full drain mapping service can be completed.

Drain mapping 2