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Interceptor Emptying

What are interceptors and what do they do?

Interceptors are a common drainage installation on many industrial sites, car parks , petrol station forecourts and large cooking facilities (fast food for example) throughout the UK. Interceptors are often referred to as oil catchers, grease traps, oil and water tanks, wash down pits, oil water separators or sump cleaning. Our fleet of vacuum tankers are capable of servicing any of these applications.

We are a fully licensed waste carrier with sites throughout the UK to ethically and legally dispose of this waste for our clients.

Jet Vac Interceptor Cleaning
   Jet Vac Emptying Interceptor Cleaning

Tardis operatives emptying out an interceptor. 

Interceptor cleaning 4

All Tardis operatives have the correct safety equipment for interceptor cleaning to get the job done. Before we even leave the depot, we complete a checklist of equipment and a health and safety assessment.  

Picture below: Tardis emptying a storm drain for a well known garden centre. Our drivers have all the equipment for safe working practice.

Interceptor cleaning 1

Interceptor cleaning 2

Interceptor cleaning 3

If you need an interceptor emptying service and the interceptor is near to or on a road or motorway, our vacuum tankers are chapter 8 approved.

Interceptor / grease trap emptying from a distance

Our vehicles carry 40 metres of hose as standard., so please consider the distance between the interceptor and the location our tanker can safety park. We can increase this up to 40 metres if requested upon ordering. 

As you can see from the pictures below our driver used extra hose to perform this particular interceptor emptying service.

Interceptor Emptying 4 Vacuum Tanker   

For more information on our interceptor emptying service call on 0800 731 0589