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 Gully Sucker 3  Gully Sucker 2

Tardis Environmental have a fleet of road sweepers and vacuum tankers offering the facility to empty and clean road gullies.

It is advisable gullies are regularly maintained to avoid flooding. Our extensive fleet of municipal vehicles enable us to provide a comprehensive nationwide gully sucking service. From building site road gullies to car park and street gullies we have the machines to suit your needs.

What are gully suckers?

Gully suckers are a specialised tanker with suction gear that will take up wet waste, mud and sludge from spaces such as the hollows below drains in street gutters, carrying it to a suitable disposal point. Specific suction power is required to meet the needs of the job, as the material being removed can contain bulky debris such as tree branches, stones etc.

Some machines have a means of squeezing the water in the load and letting that water run back down the drain, or they can recycle the water for high pressure cleaning of the drain pipes.

A blocked gully may look something like the below...

Blocked Gully 1  Blocked Gully 2

Which may cause... floods in heavy rain. The rain water can't drain away properly often resulting in flooded car parks such as the pictures below.

Gully not cleaned Flooded car park 2015

What is the difference between a gully sucker and a vacuum tanker?

A septic tanker has a long wide flexible hose but lacks a solid nozzle at the suction end.  

Gully suckers are also outfitted with a separate tank that can hold both fresh water and waste water. A septic tanker does not normally have this feature.

A Tardis road sweeper with the gully sucker attachment is pictured below

Gully Sucker job 4  Gully Sucker job 7

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