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Road sweeper hire

Road Sweeper Hire

All the information you need is contained in the below specification sheet. The spec sheet includes dimensions of the road sweeping vehicle, weight and carrying capacities and the work it is best suited to perform.  

Click the thumbnail to download the road sweeper spec sheet.

Road sweeper

Road sweeper hire - our equipment includes the following: 

  • Mechanical road sweepers.
  • High pressure water jetting lances.
  • High volume water streetwash.
  • Gully emptiers.
  • All fitted with 2-way radios.
  • All fitted with reverse-aid cameras.

Road Sweeper Services

  • Car parks and construction sites.Road Sweeper
  • Factory roads / perimeters.
  • Quarry roads / access.
  • Wash down bays / spillages (non-toxic).
  • Forecourts and gullies.
  • White lining / leaves.
  • Warehouse / factory.
  • Interiors and footpaths.
  • Bus shelters / cattle grids.
  • Surface dressing - Pre and Post.

We have strategically positioned depots that cover road sweeper hire throughout the UK.

A demonstration of our road sweepers capabilities, with a pretty mucky street as a finale. 

Its not just leaves our road sweepers go in to clean up.  In this second video, this busy construction site entrance provided a challenge to keep the mud in check from the trucks coming and going. 

Call our nationwide 24/7 hotline for a quotation for a road sweeper or jet vac tanker or to book

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