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Toilet Block Wet Waste Emptying

Many building sites now have temporary toilet block facilities to accompany toilet block tanks.  

We specialise in providing a nationwide toilet block waste disposal service, also referred to as cess tanks, septic tanks, waste tanks or holding tanks.

  Portable toilet 4Portable toilet 2

Toilet Block Waste Removal

Toilet cleaning and emptying is always carried out to a pristine standard by the team at Tardis, we take a great pride in our level of service. Our team of experts will ensure that all work is completed safely and with minimum fuss, so that your toilets can be used again as soon as possible. 

Our toilet block waste tanks are fabricated in house to a high standard, providing strength and durability.

Waste tanks can be plumbed in to receive waste from our portable toilets and portable showers. 

Below: A fabricated waste tank block plumbed in to portable toilets with steps for easy access

Portable toilet Block Tank