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Tardis portable toilet hire

Tardis Environmental UK was incorporated in 1991 and is now a well established portable toilet hire and wet waste removal company. We provide service to the general public and commercial customers throughout the UK so whether you need a portable toilet at home or provision of a single unit or block  on a construction site we can provide the perfect sanitation solution.

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With our vast experience we ensure that you have the right number of portable toilets at your event or construction site in relation to the amount of people who will use the facilities.

We offer a complete event sanitation service, from portable toilet hire, water bowsers to waste tank hire. We have the added capability to service and empty the toilet units whenever you require making sure they are in the best working condition for your guests. When you hire portable toilets from Tardis you get the complete event hire service.

Portable toilet hire

Event Toilet Hire Row

We have a range of portable toilets to suit all your sanitation needs Our units are ideal for

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Portable toilet hire from Tardis

Tardis Environmental have been providing portable toilet hire for more than 20 years, so we understand the needs of our customers. We provide a range of toilet hire options to suit your specific needs, whatever type of unit and however long you need them for. 

We  provide toilet blocks, disabled portable toilets, urinals and showers, so you have all bases covered at your festival, event or party. 

We also supply toilets for construction sites and long term contracts. Our services are available throughout the UK - book a toilet today by calling 0800 731 0589.

In the UK construction industry a common nickname for a portable toilet is a "Tardis" which is where our name for them originates from.

We have a range of toilets for hire so you can be sure we have the right solution for your sanitation requirements!

Portable toilets from depot to customer 

Portable Toilet    Toilets being Loaded

When you place an order with Tardis Portable toilet hire, we will firstly collect the portable toilet from our nearest depot to your location, load onto one of our vehicles ready to deliver as required.

Portable toilets on Van   Toilets arrive at Festival

We deliver the portable toilet or toilets to the location you require whether it be a construction site, domestic address or event.

Spec sheet for our range of available toilets?

Download any one of these PDFs for the style and specifications of our portable toilets /portable showers 

4 bay urinal6 bay urinalportable shower

cold wash toiletladies restroomdisabled toilet

portable mains toilet

All thumbnails are clickable to open the specification sheet

4 Bay Urinal Spec Sheet  6 Bay Urinal Spec Sheet  Portable Shower Spec Sheet

Cold Wash Toilet Spec Sheet  Hot Wash Toilet Spec Sheet 

Disabled Toilet Spec Sheet  Mains Spec Sheet

Event Toilet Spec Sheet

Tardis service van-truck spec sheets
3.5tonne service vehicle 2014 THUMB6tonne service vehicle THUMB 20147.5tonne service vehicle THUMB 2014
Click any of these thumbnails to download

About our portable toilets

Construction Toilet

Our portable toilets are made from medium and high density Polyethylene.  if you order one with a hot wash system or  a portable shower, you will need a 240 volt power supply rated at 16 amps rating for a hot wash portable toilet and  32 amps rating for a shower. 

All our portable toilets, urinals and showers have their own waste tank incorporated which will be serviced once a week. Additionally, you can order one of our toilet block tanks, which will sit underneath 6 or more portable toilets and collect all the wet waste. Depending of the size of the tank this will be done by a service truck or one of our Septic tankers

Need to know the dimensions of our portable toilets ? Download our spec sheets (thumbnails appear above), which provide all the relevant details of each unit.

Event toilets 

In addition to construction portable toilets that can feature cold wash, hot wash and portable showers. We also provide event portable toilets which are ideal for weddings, parties  and festivals.

An event portable toilet is made from stronger material to be able to withstand the increased wear and tear from higher volume use. 

When hiring an event toilet we would also recommend you consider one of our 4 to 6 bay urinals as this will help keep your loo queues to a minimum.

Take a look at our recent client page to see just a few of the festivals  we've catered for.

Portable Event Toilet   Fully Loaded Tardis Truck


Our event portable toilets return from a successful festival. 

These toilets are subjected to rigorous cleaning  to make them ready for the next event.

Health and Safety law from HSE (Health & Safety Executive) Some directives to help you plan
What must you provide: 

Clean and working Toilets
  1. Washbasins with hot and cold running water
  2. Soap and towels
  3. Sinks that are large enough to wash face, hands and forearms
  4. Somewhere to change that is dry and able to store clothing
  5. Drinking water and cups if needed
  6. Rest area to sit, make hot drinks and eat food
  7. Welfare and portable toilets must be well ventilated with lighting if necessary                                                                                                                                                                             
What toilet and washing facilities do you need to provide?

As an employer / provider you should be following the 1992 Health, Safety and welfare regulations.
Here are a few key points an employer / host should be providing. 
  • Enough toilets and wash basins for those expected to use them. No one should be queueing for long periods to go to the toilet.
  • Where and if possible you should be offering separate facilities for men and women. If this is not possible then you should offer facilities with lockable doors.
  • Supply of toilet paper and for females  a means of disposing of sanitary dressings.
  • Facilities should be well lit and ventilated.
  • Hot and cold running water to be able to wash.
  • Soap or any other washing agents.
  • Basin should be large enough to wash hands, face and forearm
  • A means to dry hands.
  • Showers if work is dirty.
  • Chemical toilets must also be easy to access

You must also provide toilets and washing facilities for people with disabilities 
How many facilities will I need to provide? 
The tables below offer guidance as to many toilets an employer will need to provide for both male and female employees. 
Table 1: Is the number of portable toilet and washbasins for mixed use. 

Number of people at work  Number of toilets  Number of washbasins 
 1-5 1
 6-25 2 2
 26-50 3 3
 51-75 4 4
 76-100 5 5
Table 2: Is the number of Portable toilet and urinals (Men Only)

Number of men at work  Number of toilets  Number of urinals
 1-15 1
 16-30 2 1
31-45 2 2
46-60 3 2
 61-75 3 3

 For more information about the Health and safety regulations visit the HSE website for more details