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Hot wash

25 yrs

Our hot wash portable toilets have the same design and durability as cold wash portable toilet units, perfect for construction sites and events, however they have the added ability to provide instantaneous hot water.
Hot wash portable toilet hire

Hot wash units also have a large HSE (Health & Safety Executive) compliant wash basin for full forearm submersion for best hygiene purposes.

Each hot wash unit requires a 240 Volt and a 16amp power supply.

Each unit is electrically tested prior to delivery by our certified team to ensure the unit is fit for use.

Tardis Hot Wash Portable Toilet

  • Recirculating flush style tank operated by means of a hand pump

  • Large Health & Safety compliant sink, designed for full forearm immersion foot operated water delivery for optimum efficiency

  • Instantaneous 3kW-water heater placed above the wash hand basin

  • 24-Volt submersible pumped water supply

  • 12 Volt courtesy light and acrylic mirror

  • Full RCD/MCB (Residual Current Device / Miniature Circuit Breaker) protection conforming to the latest IEE regulations

  • Requires a 240 Volt and a 16amp power supply

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Specification for the Hot Wash Portable Toilet
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hot wash toilet