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This page is a guide to help you calculate how many portable toilets you will need for an event, festival or  on a construction site.

There are a number of factors that will effect the number of toilets you will require.

When calculating the number of event portable toilets required, it is important to consider whether alcohol will be consumed, as this will  increase usage and therefore the number of toilets needed.

For construction sites the general rule of thumb if using portable toilets is 1 toilet for every 7 people working a 40 hour week on site.

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Row of portable toilets

The below calculators are for general guidance only. For example, if you are planning a sporting event with an increased male gender percentage of attendees, consider increasing the number of urinals to cater for this. Also alcohol served means an increase of 13% of units should be heeded. 

Always cater for disabled usage as well. If your event is to run over more than one day where people are in attendance overnight take into consideration this additional usage (camping). As well as sufficient waste tanks on site for campers own toilet waste. Toilet servicing throughout the event is available but would need to be directed by the event management to enable operatives to have access to units. 

Calculator for Outdoor Events

Is alcohol being served?

Calculator for Construction Sites