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25 yrs

Construction Site Portable Toilets
Tardis Hire have been providing portable toilets to building and construction sites, large and small for 25 years.

As an employer it is essential you provide adequate sanitation and washing facilities for your site based personnel.

The Health & Safety Executive published the below guide, you can view or download it by clicking the thumbnail picture.

welfare thumb

Health and Safety law from HSE (Health & Safety Executive) - some directives to help you plan

As an employer you must provide:

Clean and working construction site toilets
  1. Washbasins with hot and cold running water
  2. Soap and towels
  3. Sinks that are large enough to wash face, hands and forearms
  4. Somewhere to change that is dry and able to store clothing
  5. Drinking water and cups if needed
  6. Rest area to sit, make hot drinks and eat food
  7. Welfare and portable toilets must be well ventilated with lighting if necessary                                                                                                                                                                             
What toilet and washing facilities do you need to provide?

As an employer / provider you should be following the 1992 Health, Safety and welfare regulations. 

Here are a few key points on what you should be providing:
  • Enough toilets and wash basins for those expected to use them. No one should be queueing for long periods to use the toilet.
  • Where and if possible you should be offering separate facilities for men and women. If this is not possible then you should offer facilities with lockable doors.
  • Supply of toilet paper and for females a means of disposing of sanitary dressings.
  • Facilities should be well lit and ventilated.
  • Hot and cold running water to be able to wash.
  • Soap or any other washing agents.
  • Basin should be large enough to wash hands, face and forearm
  • A means to dry hands.
  • Showers if work on site is dirty.
  • Chemical toilets must also be easy to access.

You should also provide toilets and washing facilities for people with disabilities.                                                                                           
How many facilities will I need to provide? 
The tables below offer guidance as to many toilets an employer will need to provide for both male and female employees. 
Table 1: the number of portable toilet and washbasins for mixed use. 
Number of people at work  Number of toilets  Number of washbasins 
 1-5 1
 6-25 2 2
 26-50 3 3
 51-75 4 4
 76-100 5 5
Table 2: the number of portable toilet and urinals (Men Only)
Number of men at work  Number of toilets  Number of urinals
 1-15 1
 16-30 2 1
31-45 2 2
46-60 3 2
 61-75 3 3

Visit the HSE website for more details on health and safety regulations.

To hire construction site toilets from the experts, call freephone 0800 731 0589.

.Construction site toilet inside

Pictured above - the inside of a cold wash portable toilet featuring a hand wash basin with its own water supply, ideal for use on a construction site. 

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