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Questions to be considered before we deliver your toilets or portable shower units.

Is there adequate access for our delivery vehicle ?

We will deliver the units either using a 3.5 tonne, 6 tonne 7.5 ton or 7.5 tonne vehicle with trailer depending on the quantity of units ordered!

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Where will I site the unit? 

 The units need to be sited where we can easily drop off and collect. If units are delivered to domestic properties we will need access for the vehicle to drop the unit close to where the vehicle can park. If there is a wall or other obstacles in the way then a crane mounted lorry may be required for delivery and collection. 

We also need to be able to reach the units to service them. For a large event, a track way is an ideal solution to allow our vehicles to reach the units. 

 As we all know the Great British weather can turn quickly and render sites inaccessible posing inadequate ground conditions for vehicles. Our small service vehicles have approximately 5 metres of hose to reach our units. HGV vacuum tankers have approximately 30 metres of hose. 

For further vehicle weights and dimensions, to suit your site, please contact us to discuss in more detail. 

Are the units going to be safe? 

Although this can never be fully guaranteed we request that the units are delivered to an area where they are less likely to be stolen or vandalised. Please be aware that you are fully responsible for any damage that may occur to the units whilst on hire to you. 

 Have you considered the number of toilets required in ratio to the number of people attending your event? 

We have more than ten years experience in small and large event site sanitation. 

We can advise unit quantities and types most suitable for your event. 

Do I need water, electricity and foul waste connection? 

Tardis self contained portable toilets do not need connection to any services but may require servicing. The units would need servicing if on hire for a longer period or have numerous users. 

Tardis hot wash portable toilets require a 240v 16 amp connection to an electricity source. Tardis shower units require a water source, an electricity supply and a run off for the waste. The electric supply required is a 32 amp 240v. 

We can offer a fully qualified fitter for electricity and water connections if required. 

What we will supply with the toilet ? 

The toilets will be delivered with loo roll paper towels (if sink fitted) or hand sanitizer. Once the supplies delivered with the toilet run out it is the hirers responsibility to replenish consumables unless they have requested an additional service from us in which case we will ensure the toilets are fully equipped with supplies. 

When will we collect the toilets ? 

We will endeavour to collect the toilets as soon as possible after the hire period is over, however it may take us up to 5 working days to collect the toilets during which time the toilets are still the responsibility of you the customer. Any further questions? Just call us on : 0800 731 0589