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Tardis Nationwide Cesspit and Cesspool Service

Cesspit emptying and septic tank emptying should be carried out regularly, ideally at least once a year. The frequency of this emptying is entirely dependent on the size of the tank and how much waste is held in it. However, Tardis recommends a minimum annual scheduled septic tank emptying, cesspit emptying and cleaning of the tank container.

This will prolong the functional life of your septic tank and reduce the probability of blocked drains and pipes. 

We service and empty all types and sizes nationwide from large industrial sites through to small domestic properties. 

Download the spec sheet on our tankers on our Tanker Page this gives dimensions etc allowing you to choose the right vehicle for your property and tank size.

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A cesspool is a temporary, sealed watertight container in which sewage and other wastewater is collected. The cesspool will usually be discreetly buried underground with a manhole cover for access. Cesspools should be emptied frequently to prevent build-up of solid waste. Unlike a septic tank, a cesspool does not have an outlet for the liquid part of the waste to drain away.

Tardis tankers have a separate internal fresh water supply that can be used with the vacuum hose which will make cesspit emptying and washing a quick and safe procedure. Removal and disposal of sewage treatment is carried out afterwards. 

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We also have Jet vac tankers that can drain and clean your sewage system if blockages occur. After cleaning we will remove and dispose of the contents of your cesspool or cesspit. After each job we leave a clean and safe cesspool, cesspit or septic tank.

A little history on cesspits and cesspools
Cesspits were first introduced to Europe in the 16th century with no regulation of cesspit construction until the 18th century.  
When regulations were established, the pits were cleaned out by tradesmen with shovels, the waste taken away by horse and cart.

When a Cesspit needed cleaning it was done so at night so not to disturb the public at large with the smell.                       

In 1846, A French public hygienist estimated that 100 cesspits were cleaned in Paris every night, by 200-250 cesspit cleaners.                       
The replacement of the Paris cesspit system was challenged for decades by officials not on public hygiene grounds, but economic ones, conserving human waste as fertiliser rather than disposing of it in a modern sewer system. 
The Paris sewer system later began modernising in the 1880s, with the conversion of storm sewers for public sewage. 

Cesspits/cesspools are now forbidden in France, Germany and Switzerland.

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