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Welfare Unit Servicing and Emptying

All welfare units no matter the type will be HSE (Health & Safety Executive) Compliant in welfare facilities.

Welfare units are an instant start, standalone unit, available in a range of sizes and layouts, ensuring the unit caters for your particular site requirements.

Welfare units can be LPG powered which are a more environmentally friendly when compared with diesel alternatives.

  Welfare Tank Empty  Welfare Service Tanker Tank EmptyWelfare Waste Tank

We make custom waste tanks, so can fabricate a welfare unit waste tank to meet your specific needs. 

If your need is short term, waste tank hire is also available. Visit the Waste Tank Page for further information. 

Generator powered units can have a built-in telemetry system. This system will monitor the amount of waste, water, fuel and oil levels and will give you an estimate on how often the welfare unit is used and how often it should be emptied. 

Welfare Waste Tank Empty  Welfare Unit Emptying  Welfare Servicing Waste Tank Empty

Please ensure there is enough space for either a service van (for small welfare units) or a vacuum tanker (for larger welfare units with a large waste tank). Ou smaller service vehicles are designed to service the chemical toilets in welfare units. Our larger Tardis tankers are designed to empty the larger waste tanks and replenish water butts or storage tanks.

At the time of placing your order we will provide a specification sheet of the type of vehicle we will be sending out to service your welfare unit. Use the spec sheets to check vehicle dimensions against your access gateways and the likes.  

Talk to our team if you're at all unsure.

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