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Septic tank emptying should be carried out on a regular basis for health and hygiene reasons. The frequency of emptying is entirely dependent on the size of the container, how much waste it can hold and the number of people who live at the household making waste so, less is less, more is more. 

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Schedule a routine septic tank empty

Tardis Environmental can schedule a routine septic tank empty to ensure that your septic tank works efficiently, increasing its functional life, whilst reducing the possibility of blocked drains and overflowing.   

   Septic tank Emptying Septic tank emptying

Cesspit/Cesspool Emptying

Cesspits and cesspools need to be emptied frequently to avoid the build-up of solids and prevent any possibility of overflowing.

Our custom built tankers are equipped with an internal water supply and use specialist vacuum pumps and long hoses to ensure emptying and washing is a swift and safe process. Removal, disposal and sewage treatment is carried out afterwards with a full duty of care available. For further information, visit the cesspit emptying page.

What is the difference between a septic tank and cesspool/cesspit?

They both hold waste water or sewage. The only real difference is that a cesspit/cesspool has no hatch and is normally above ground, whereas the septic tank is installed underground and usually made from plastic. 

Septic tank emptying at Twickenham Stadium
Septic tank emptying 18

Damaged by floods and heavy rain water?  Trust Tardis to help you get operational again.

We are experts in all areas of liquid and wet waste removal and disposal. Sewage, oil, dirty water and hazardous liquids present no problem for us. 

Flexible service

For domestic properties with tight access,  Tardis have smaller HGVs and service vehicles available to allow easy access. Our larger tankers, up to our 6000 gallon articulated, enables us to remove septic tank waste in large volumes in one visit. We also have the facility to deliver water should the need arise.

With our strategically located depots, we can remove septic tank waste throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Our tankers carry at least 40 metres of hose and can carry up to 100 metres upon request. For sites with poor access to the septic tank please request we carry more hose at the time of booking. 

Excellent service & competitive rates

Our excellent service and competitive septic tank emptying rates have resulted in several years repeat business and a well earned reputation.

If you are unsure of kind of waste you are producing and been asked for a EWC code then download this European Waste Catalogue from the Environment Agency website.

This guides on EWC codes from November 2012 onwards. 

Our trained technicians getting the job done

Septic Tank Emptying  Septic tank Emptying

Septic Tank InformationSeptic Tank Emptying

What are the 3 Layers?

First Layer - Scum or Crud

This consists of a layer known as crud and will not decompose. It will sit on top of the waste water layer. You will need to arrange a septic tank empty to get rid of this layer, aim to have at least one septic tank empty a year.

Second Layer - Waste Water

Waste water will exit through a T-shaped outlet pipe to a drain field or soakaway, which will drain through the soil back to the ground water flow.

Third Layer - Sludge

Last layer is called sludge and this will be consumed by "helpful" bacteria. This is solid waste that drops to the bottom of the septic tank. We advise minimal use of  bleach or anti bacterial products.

Our flagship 44 ton vacuum arctic.

Perfect for emptying larger septic tanks, is our new 44 ton septic tanker, pictured below.

Septic Tank Emptying Septic Tank Emptying

All our vehicles are chapter 8 approved and all our tankers satnav tracked. We can also provide evidence of correct and ethical disposal upon request.

44 tonne vacuum thumb

Vehicle specification (PDF)

Installing a new septic tank?

When installing a new septic tank consider the following points:

  1. Install the new tank in a location which provides easy access for a septic tank emptying service.

  2. All tree roots should be at least 15 metres away from the area where the tank will be installed. If the tank is positioned too close to a tree, the septic tank can be damaged by the tree root. Root ingress can lead to  a costly repair.

  3. Paving slabs or heavy material should not be placed over the tank as this could crack the septic tank over time. Also, never park vehicles over the location of a septic tank.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to prolong the life of your drainage system. 

You should ideally book a septic tank emptying service at least once a year. This will ensure that the whole sewage system is kept in good condition whilst also prolonging the life of your septic tank.

If your waste is to increase suddenly, such as having a party in your home, have your septic tank emptied prior to the event to cater for the increase in "wet waste".

Minimise the disposal of oil and grease down the drain, as this could block your outlet and inlet pipes.

Anti-bacterial soap, bleach and toilet cleaners are okay for use, but too much could kill the bacteria that live at the bottom of your tank and you need them to "digest"  the sludge (Third Layer).

Common problems that occur:

  • Slow drains
  • Clogged or blocked drainage pipes
  • Backups of the septic tank system
  • Unpleasant smells in the area of the septic tank
  • Tests indicating gas emissions from the tank
  • Standing water over the septic system
  • Frequent pumping to maintain performance
  • Excessive water in the tank

Most of these problems can be solved with a septic tank emptying service. The blocked drain can be rectified with one of our high or low volume jet vac tankers with a high pressure jetting lance.  

Septic tanks in winter

Correctly installed septic tanks, should not be affected by the winter.  If the installation is to manufacturer's recommendations the inside of your tank could freeze up, although this is unlikely.  

Damage caused by a tree root (as mentioned above) can let the cold into your tank which can cause freezing up problems. Siting the tank away from trees should be taken into consideration if you are installing a tank.

Onion Septic Tank

Never use antifreeze in your septic tank, as it can have a detrimental effect on the environment around the soakaway.


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