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Here is just a few of our tankers from our fleet:
Septic tank emptying tanker 1 Septic tank emptying tanker 2 Septic tank emptying tanker 3 Septic tank emptying tanker 8

Tardis Tanker Fleet:
  • 1500 Gallon Tankers      
  • 2000 Gallon Tankers      
  • 3000 Gallon Tankers      
  • 4000 Gallon Tankers      
  • 4500 Gallon Tankers      
  • 5000 Gallon Tankers      
  • 6000 Gallon Tankers      
  • Vactor Tankers    
  • DiSab Super Suction      
  • Liquid Ring Tankers      
  • Combination Tankers

We operate a comprehensive fleet of vacuum vehicles to service a broad spectrum of waste removal requirements.
For deep shaft excavations our Super Suction tankers provide an excellent solution with 8" suction hoses to cope with large debris.

Tardis Environmental can provide jobs from cleaning and emptying like gully cleaning to septic tank emptying nationwide 7 days a week 24hr. 

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Water Delivery Service
We also provide a water delivery service with the ability to deliver up to 6000 gallons to sites throughout the UK. This service is an excellent remedy for sites in remote locations where fresh water connections are not available or for soak away tests! 

Call today on our 24/7 hotline for your quotation on any Liquid, wet waste or sewage disposal or to book or enquire visit our contact us page

Free Phone: 0800 731 0589

Tardis Tanker Spec Sheets

Here are spec sheets of a few of our tanker ranging from our service vans all the way up to our 44 ton Articulated tanker.

Septic tanker/Vacuum tanker

The spec sheets on our Vacuum tankers will include information about how much each tanker can carry and what sort of jobs they do like septic tank emptying all the way to gully sucking and interceptor cleaning. Septic tank emptying is our most required service for our tankers but all our Septic tankers can perform multiple jobs.

450/150 Mobile Vacuum Tank

Mobile Vacuum Tank
Tardis 450 Gallon Mobile Vacuum Tank is perfect for all those little jobs and hard to access areas. Can carry up to 450 gallons of wet waste and up to 150 gallons of fresh water.

Tardis 450/150 Gallon Mobile Vacuum Tank

18 Ton Vacuum Tanker

Tardis 18 Ton Septic tank emptying Tanker

Tardis 18 ton Vacuum tanker is Great for Septic tank emptying. For more information download our spec sheet for all the information you need.

 Tardis 18 ton Septic tank Spec sheet

26 Ton Vacuum Tanker

Tardis 26 ton Septic tank emptying tanker
Tardis 26 ton Vacuum tanker is Great for septic tank emptying and bulk water delivery. For more information on this vehicle download our Spec sheet

Tardis 26 Ton Septic tank spec sheet

Tardis 26ton 3200 Gal Septic tank emptying Tanker
Tardis 26 ton 3200gal vacuum tanker is Great for wash downs and septic tank emptying. 

Tardis 26 ton 3200gal Spec Sheet

32 Ton Vacuum Tanker

Tardis 32 3-1 Daf Septic Tank emptying Tanker

Tardis 32 ton 3-1 Split vacuum tanker is Great for wash downs and septic tank emptying.

Tardis 32 ton 3-1 Split Spec Sheet

Tardis 32 ton septic tank Emptying Tanker
Tardis 32 ton Vacuum tanker is great for wet waste and septic tank emptying.

Tardis 32 ton Spec Sheet

32 Ton Mercedes TankerThis 32 ton Tardis Vacuum Tanker was recycled using an old tank from one of our old tankers and we then started refitting it with brand new parts and equipment. Then the tank is placed on top of our new Mercedes-Benz Chassis.

Mercedes 32 Ton Spec Sheet

New 32 Ton Septic tanker
Our Brand New 32 Ton Vacuum Tanker is a 3.1-1 split tanker. 3100 Gallons will be for Wet Waste and 1000 gallons is for clean none drinking water. Perfect for wash downs and soakaway tests.

Tardis 32 Ton 4100 split Spec Sheet

44 Ton Articulated Vacuum Tanker

Septic tank emptying 44 ton tanker
Tardis 44 ton Vacuum tanker is our largest vacuum tanker in our fleet.

Tardis 44 ton Spec Sheet

Here is a water tank delivery at V festival with one of our tankers:

Portable toilet emptying 1

6000 Gallon Articulated Tankers - Vacuum Tanker Hire
Septic tank emptying tanker 4 Septic tank emptying tanker 5 Septic tank emptying tanker 6 Septic tank emptying tanker 7
Articulated specification vacuum tanker capacities are 6000-gallons (30,000 litres) with 400 CFM pumps. Also carrying 100-metres of 4" vacuum hose as well as a variety of other sizes and couplings, suitable for all liquid waste transportation. Great for a large septic tank emptying service.
Tardis Total Wet Waste Management:         
  • Septic Tank Emptying / Cess Pool Emptying 
  • Industrial Sludge Removal      
  • Grease Trap Desludging     
  • Water Delivery To Sites      
  • Manholes Emptied   
  • Oil & Water Removal    
  • Welfare Units Serviced      
  • Safe & Correct Waste Disposal      
  • Fully Licensed Waste Carrier
  • High Pressure Jetting
  • CCTV Drainage Surveys
  • Confined Space Works
  • Septic Tank Hire  
  • 24 Hour Call Out

Nationwide Coverage for septic tank emptying, wet wells, cesspit, cesspool, manholes or large interceptors.

Tardis Septic Vacuum Tanker

Wet Waste removal information

Tardis vacuum tanker is able to remove liquid waste as per the following information. If there is anything else you'd like to know on septic tank emptying or any wet waste please contact our sales team on 0800 731 0589.

Tardis Septic Tanker Filling Times
Filling time is dependent on 4 factors:-
  1. Vacuum in tank - Dependent on quality of pump.
  2. Depth from which sucking load.
  3. Fluid properties of load - Water/Sewage/Blood
  4. Pipe diameter
Septic tanker filling time 1
If loading water from a surface lagoon with 28in HG vacuum the best performance that can be expected is:-
Loading Times
 1000 galls  2000 galls
*3" dia hose 145 galls/min 7 mins 14 mins 
4"  dia hose 260 galls/min 4 mins 8 mins
5"  dia hose 405 galls/min 2.5 mins  5 mins
6"  dia hose 583 galls/min 1.7 mins 3.5 mins

* Tardis tankers carry 3" dia hose
Tardis tankers use 3" hose to carry out wet waste removal. We can also provide bigger dia hose on request call our sales team on 0800 731 0589.

1" of HG Vac = 1 foot of lift (filling)
1 PSI of pressure = 2 foot of lift (discharge)

Tanker Loading

Septic tanker filling time 2
Vacuum Requirements for solid column lifting
Liquid  "A"  is water with specific weight of 10.0 Lbs/Gal
Liquid  "B"  is sludge liquid with specific weight of 12.0 Llbs/Gal
Liquid  "C"  is sludge liquid with specific weight of 15.0 Llbs/Gal

The vacuum requirements shown are for lifting liquids "A", "B", or "C" the designated height in feet. These liquids are given as an example. Vacuum requirements for other liquids will depend on their specific weights.

Vacuum Tankers

Performance Limitations

Once there is a vacuum showing on the gauge then loading of the tanker can begin. The speed at which the liquid load flows into the tanker is largely dependent on the following five factors.
  1. The Amount of vacuum in the tank.
  2. The diameter of the loading pipes.
  3. The viscosity of the load.
  4. The density of the load.
  5. The depth from which the load is being drawn
The effective limit on vacuum loading is generally about 8 metres vertically down from the valve at the rear of the tanker to the surface of the liquid being removed. Depths slightly in excess of 8 metres can be tackled if the hose and is alternately pushed in and out of the liquid. This has the effect of reducing the column of liquid in the loading pipe to a series of slugs of liquid separated by pockets of air which aids the lifting effect of the vacuum.

Because the flow rate is proportional to the cross sectional area of the loading pipe the best loading rates are achievable with a full vacuum and a free flowing liquid with a density similar to that of water will be:-

For 3 " (75-80mm) hose it will load at up to 140 gallons/minute (650ltr/min) 
For 4 " (100mm) hose it will load at up to 250 gallons/minute (1150ltr/min)
For 6 " (150mm) hose it will load at up to 550 gallons/minute (2500ltr/min)

For a typical 2000 gallon tanker -
3" hose could load in 15 minutes, 4" hose could load in 8 minutes and 6" hose could load in 4 minutes.
septic tank diagram 1R
Diagram showing is the maximum depth to the surface of the liquid that can be removed or simply. 1inHg will lift water approximately 1 foot in height. (3inHg - 1mtr)

Tardis Septic tankers get FORS Bronze award!!

Tardis FORS Bronze award

FORS (fleet operator recognition scheme)

What is FORS?

Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is an industry-led membership scheme that will change and transform freight delivery in London whether it be a van or a lorry. The schemes is free and open to any company operating a fleet of vans or Lorries in the capital and will help Tardis Environmental meet the ever increasing demands of our customers and their contractual obligations. To help us drive down costs.

FORS offers practical advice and guidance that can reduce fuel consumption and fines like penalty charge notices.

FORS will help us become even safer, more environmentally-focused and better equip Tardis to deal with the pressures of driving in London such as CO2 emissions and any collisions that may happen. As well as legal compliance, we'll be able to demonstrate our commitment to health and safety, managing work-related road risk and improving efficiency.

What has Tardis done to achieve the Bronze FORS award?

To achieve the Bronze FORS award Tardis Environmental must meet all the standards and provide evidence that we have in place a system for monitoring the core KPIs.

Here are the Headings that Tardis provided evidence for to receive the Bronze Award.

  1. Drivers and driver management
  2. EU Working Time Directive and drivers' hours
  3. Driver fitness and health
  4. Speed limits
  5. Mobile phones and in-vehicle Technology
  6. Agency and subcontracted drivers
  7. Vehicle maintenance and fleet management

Here are all the benefits of a FORS membership? 

Fuel Advice
FORS will offer use practical ways to help us cut costs and improve the efficiency of our fleet which will help reduce the impact of freight transport on London's Environment.

Tools and Guides
FORS tools and guides will help us to better manage fuel usage and monitor and record progress.

Fact Sheets
The Fact sheet will include topics like:
  • Alternative fuels
  • Engaging staff
  • Preventing diesel spills

Miles per gallon Diagnostic tool
FORS have created a simple and easy to use spreadsheet to help us colletc and analyse vehicle and driver fuel use data. Which will can be  adapted to our company needs and will feed data into FORS benchmarking system.

Driver licence checks
FORS driver licence check to unsure drivers are on the road legally and reduce time spent checking driver's credentials

Roadside recovery service
FORS Members will also have the benefit of AVRO Recovery at a discounted pay with no joining or administration fee.

Driver profiling
This will help in improving our drivers standards even more.