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We run Crossrail compliant vehicles

Crossrail Compliant HGV

The requirements are being implemented with full support of Crossrail's principal contractors. This is a mandate that all heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) working on the project are fitted with adequate safety devices.

Safety equipment required for a Crossrail compliant vehicle

For any vehicle over 3.5 tonnes, Crossrail require that any HGVs working or providing a service to the project have the following equipment installed on the vehicle. The equipment is as follows:

  1. Fresnel lenses
  2. Side scan equipment which will give of an audible beep in the driver's cabin. This is to warn the driver of the HGV that there is an object or person on the left inside space.
  3. Side and rear cameras, with a TV monitor in the cabin
  4. Under-run guards must also be fitted. This is to help prevent cyclists from coming into contact with the HGVs wheels. 
  5. Carry signs must also be fitted to warn cyclists and pedestrians.

Our new video shows the main features for Crossrail compliance:

All these safety measures must be followed in order to provide services on a Crossrail site, failure to follow these requirements will result in the vehicle being turned away from any Crossrail site for non-compliance.

Trixi mirrors are also being installed at left turns traffic signals near Crossrail sites.

We provide Crossrail compliant services to include the following:

Crossrail Compliant Septic tank emptying

Crossrail Compliant Portable toilet hire

Crossrail Compliant Bulk water and Water bowser hire

Crossrail Compliant High pressure jetting and Drain services

You can review the specifications of these
Crossrail vehicles by clicking any of the thumbnails

26 Ton Pressure Washer Tanker Crossrail 26 Ton Wash Down Tanker Crossrail

26 Ton Wet Waste Tanker Crossrail 32 Ton Washdown Tanker Crossrail

32 Ton Pressure Washer Crossrail

CrossRail Tankers

All drivers are required to attend an approved Crossrail training course and any company intending to make a delivery to any Crossrail site must also hold full F.O.R.S membership.

Tardis Environmental have been awarded the F.O.R.S Bronze Membership click here to find out more.