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Waste Tank Hire or Sale

Tardis waste holding tanks are an excellent temporary effluent waste storage solution. Tanks can be buried or sited underneath toilet blocks, kitchens, canteens and welfare units. 

We can fabricate a waste tank to meet specific requirements or we're a large range of waste tanks already in stock. 

1000 gallon waste tank

Waste Tank Hire information:

  • Ideal solution where there is no access to a main sewage line
  • Robust construction, fabricated from 4mm mild steel
  • Lifting eyes for easy transport
  • 4 x 6 inch inspection hatches (situated in each corner) to allow easy waste removal
  • Extensive stock of tanks, standard tanks in stock start from 2000 litres (500 gallons)
  • We can fabricate a waste tank to suit your needs
  • Available for hire or sale
  • Nationwide waste tank emptying service

Waste tank hire is just one of the waste management services we provide, along with portable toilet hire, septic tank emptying and toilet block emptying. 

We've a number of depots located nationwide - delivery available throughout the UK.

The elongated waste tank is ideal for construction sites, as these tank fits perfectly underneath cabins of all descriptions. The tank measures 12ft length x 8ft width x 1ft depth. 

Waste tank fabrication


Tardis waste tanks 1

 Extensive range of waste tank sizes in stock - call 0800 731 0589 


Toilet Block Waste Tanks

Waste tank Block

Did you know that our portable toilets can be plumbed into one of our waste tanks?

Picture to the right: In this example we have placed 6 portable toilets on top of one of our fabricated waste tanks. We then plumbed in our portable toilets to the tank. We can also provide steps to the toilets as the tank will be above ground (available on request).

All of our waste tanks will get emptied upon request by one of our septic tankers.

Pictured below: a large fabricated waste tank ready for delivery

Fabricated waste tanks 2

45 waste tanks heading to Glastonbury 2015

Our extensive stock of waste holding tanks enables us to hire large quantities of waste tanks to major events and shows throughout the UK.

Loaded and ready are our 45 custom made fabricated waste tanks that will be heading to Glastonbury. Each tank will be placed all over Glastonbury festival and will be connected to a welfare unit to collect the wet waste. If you need help fitting your welfare unit to the waste tank then we can also supply a Tardis fitter to connect the waste tank to the welfare unit, plus any other fitting your need like water or electric.

Waste tanks for Glastonbury

For waste tank hire for your construction site or festival, call our helpful hire desk who will provide you with all the info you will need. Freephone 0800 731 0589

Tardis 2700 Litre Waste Tank Thumbnail Tardis 3600 Litre Waste Tank Thumb

Tardis 4500 Litre Waste Tank Thumb Tardis 6800 Litre Waste Tank

Tardis 9000 Litre Waste Tank Thumb Tardis 13600 Litre Waste Tank

18000 Litre Waste Tank

18000 Litre Waste Holding Tank 20-25k litre Stainless Steel Water tank