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Custom Manufactured Waste Tanks - Any size you need!

We have our own fabrication shop to manufacture waste tanks to your bespoke size and specifications.

Waste Tanks made to order

A range of tanks in steel or plastic depending on their purpose for waste water, oil or wet waste.

Custom build of a large capacity waste tank.

This tank will have a capacity of 5240 gallons and is being custom manufactured for a client. Here the structural integrity of the tank is evident by the internal struts

Internal custom waste tank

Below, the tank starts to take shape as the external skin is fabricated.

Custom waste tank
The tank has a number of special features. An internal inspection ladder, "elephant trunk" filler, Bauer connectors and an electronic high level alarm.

Manufactured from 4mm steel plate, the tank has internal bracing for structural support and is built to a high standard for an extended working life.
Ladder inside waste tank

Internal ladder for inspection and cleaning purposes

Custom waste tank with ladder

The tank takes shape

Complete custom waste tank

The finished tank on its way
to our client.

custom tank 2

As well as hiring standard waste tanks, we can also fabricate a waste tank that will suit your needs. 

Our steel waste tanks are made from 4mm steel plate and are given a protective under coat to help protect the tank from rusting which are then finished with a coating of black durable paint.  

We can fabricate waste tanks to take up 10,000 gallons of wet waste. 

If the tank requires commissioning once delivered to site, we can arrange for a Tardis fitter to do the necessary work and get you in business in no time at all.

custom tank 3

Waste tanks will need to be placed on a flat surface to ensure even spread of the contents so no spills occur.

tube tank

Used Waste Tank Sales

If purchase of a brand new fabricated waste tank isn't the best option for you, we also sell  waste tanks that have been retired from hire.

All our used tanks are made from 4mm-6mm steel giving it that long life and continued strength that plastic tanks just can't give. All used waste tanks are fully reconditioned before sale and offer the benefit of a long durable working life.

Bespoke Waste Tank to Clients SpecificationsWaste Tank 600 Gallon

We often get calls from customers requesting bespoke waste tanks to. The 600 gallon waste tank [pictured above] is to fit underneath a flight of stairs, where a regular design would have been too wide.  

The construction of the tank not only offered a snug fit, but also allowed easy access for a vacuum tanker to provide servicing.

The tank features a viewing eye, allowing our client to see when the waste tank is close to full and can order a service before the waste tank is full.

Optional Extras for your fabricated waste tank
  • High Level Alarm
  • Inspection Hatch
  • 2" - 3" inlet bower connection
  • Isolation valve female bower connection outlet
  • Submersible pump
  • Stopper valve
  • Viewing eye allowing you see the waste tank is almost full. 

waste tanks on truck

loading large tank