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Water Delivery and Storage Solutions

Our range of water bowsers and containers provide on site solutions where no mains water connections are available. Tardis 1000 litre containers and 2000 litre water bowsers are available for hire and sale. 

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All water tanks and bowsers are available with a 240v 16 amp on-demand pump. All can be fitted by our own Tardis fitters who can plumb bowsers in if required. With our fleet of split tankers we can also offer a weekly water delivery service.

We have a range of water tanks so you can be sure that we can meet your requirements for water storage, Tardis Environmental can also provide a water delivery service should you require to ensure you water tank does not run low.

Tardis H2O Water Tank on Trailer

4000 Gallon Water Tank on Trailer

4000 Gallon H2o Tank on Trailer

The H2O water tank on trailer pictured above has the capacity to carry up to 4000 gallons (16000 litres) of clean water or potable drinking water. Other size tanks are available. 

18k tank thumb 16000 litre water tank thumb
20,000 litre static stainless tank25,000 litre static stainless tank30,000 litre static stainless tank

Need a bulk water delivery? 

If you need water to fill a swimming pool or need some bulk water to perform a wash down or even a soakaway then our H2O mobile water tanker with its 4000 gallon capacity will get the job done.

1000 Litre IBC Water Containers

1000 litre water container

Water containers can be sited on top of steel stores for gravity fed water supply to toilet blocks or site canteens. These containers come complete with fittings ready for on site use. Visit the IBC containers page for further information. 

2000 Litre Static Water Bowser

Bowser with Pump Back Static Bowser

Static water bowsers can be plumbed into toilet blocks, canteens, offices etc as a water source in areas that are remote or where no mains water connection is possible.
2000 litre static water bowser

2000 Litre Towable Water Bowser

2000 litre wheeled water bowser
Our wheeled water bowsers are ideal for water provision on building sites or events. These bowsers are road legal and can be towed to water sources if needed. These water bowsers can also be plumbed into on-demand pumps to provide a constant water supply pumped from the bowser to the end application.

Tardis tankers also provide a water delivery service if required. 

2000 litre clean water towable bowser thumb 2015

10,000 litre Water Bowser

10,000 litre water bowser

Tardis can provide 10,000 litre water bowsers which are ideal for mass storage of water in a wide variety of locations such as large scale events or building sites. Water refills are even easier with our easy fill water fill clamp.

10000 litre water bowser thumb

5,000 Litre Water Bowser

New size If you need something in between those shown,  then our new 5,000 litre water bowser with 2" outlet will be just the ticket. All our water bowsers are cleaned and tested before delivery and are filled with water by our EUSR water hygiene trained drivers.

5000 litre bowser


We also have WRAS approved water bowsers and tanks starting from 1,000 litres to 30,000 litres. All are delivered by our drivers, who are also conversant with EUSR for water hygiene. This is to ensure you have clean and safe water.

Towable Drinking Water Bowsers - 1000 and 2000 litre available

1000 litre drinking water bowser

All of our onsite towable drinking water bowsers are pre-treated to health and safety guidelines to ensure hygiene and cleanliness of the wholesome water that will be use to fill. 

2000 litre towable drinking water bowser 2015 thumb 1000 Litre towable drinking water bowser 2015

Below - One of our Tardis operatives cleaning a static bowser nozzle preparing it for hire.

Bowser Cleaning Water Bowser Cleaning

On-demand 240v 16 amps Pump

bowser pump

Tardis on-demand pumps provide a constant water supply to toilet blocks, canteens, offices etc. These pumps can pump water 12 meters across a level surface or 8 meters horizontally. Pump performance can be improved by increasing the bore size of the pipe. 

If you require more information on our water pumps then visit our water pump hire page