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We provide bulk water for percolation and soakaway testing  

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Bulk water for percolation testing

Why soakaway/percolation tests performed?

A soakaway or drainage field must be able to immediately store storm-water or heavy rain to run-off and allow the liquid's efficient infiltration into the adjacent soil.

Soakaways can be found serving a large number of highway schemes and new build housing developments.

Highways channel the water from heavy rain falls into these facilities by a system of kerbs, gullies and pipes. They are usually employed in areas where the surface run-off cannot be disposed into existing streams.

Tardis Environmental can provide bulk water for percolation and soakaway testing, up to 6,000 gallons of clean water. You or your test engineer can then evaluate how long it takes for the water to "soak away" back into ground water, determining the size of soakaway you will need. 

Here's one we attended in Derbyshire

What can prevent the soakaway from draining properly? 

When conducting a percolation or soakaway test it is a good idea to check the soil in the area where you want the facility be placed. Factors such as clay soil can seriously affect the speed in which the water drains away back into the ground water level. 

Tardis Environmental can also provide 500 gallon towable water bowsers for small percolation testing applications (also referred to as soakaway testing) - a towable bowser is pictured on the back of the Tardis Land Rover below.

Landrover for soakaway testing

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