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IBC Containers

IBC Containers
The 1,000 litre IBC Container is ideal if you need a small amount for water for your welfare unit or toilet block. 

The IBC Container can be fitted with a petrol or electric Pump so the water can flow like the taps at home or the IBC can be used as a gravity feed, but with a slower flow rate. All IBC containers will be delivered empty and filled at site. 

IBC Waste Containers

Our IBC Containers can also be used to hold waste from a welfare unit or toilet block. 

Here is some information on our IBC water Containers. The weight when full of water is 1 ton. when the Container is Dry the weight is approx 60KG. the IBC can hold up to 1,000 litres of water. all our IBC are protected by a steel cage. Each container will come with an 1" outlet which will have a tap attached. All our IBC can be fork lifted around site and can be stacked on top of one another (Only when empty).

IBC Clean Water Containers

There are two types of IBC Containers. The first is a waste IBC which is usually a white plastic container. We use them to hold waste. We Also use them to hold water for ballast and even to help hold down marquees at an event when the marquees are placed on tarmac and not in a field. The next IBC Container is coloured Black and this is to only hold clean fresh water if it where to be used for anything else other then clean water then It can no longer be used as a clean water IBC container.

Need a IBC Container to hire for an event or construction site? call 0800 731 0589

Having an Event and building your marquee on tarmac and need some marquee weights to help weight it down? 

Marquees are mostly built on grass and can be staked into the ground using ground anchors. What do you do if you need to build your Marquee on tarmac or any other hard surface? You  will need some marquee weights and our IBC Containers are perfect marquee weights for large outdoor marquees, When the IBC Containers are  filled with water they will weight up to 1 ton.

Tardis IBC container Sizes L1200mm x W1000mm x H1160mm

If you need a bulk water refill for your IBC container call 0800 731 0589