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Bottled Drinking Water 

Tardis Environmental has a fast and reliable bulk bottled drinking water delivery service available at competitive rates. 

Bottled Drinking Water
Bottled drinking water for an event or festival

If you are organising an event or have secured a spot within a festival to sell bottled drinking water, our bottled drinking water service can provide you with all the bottled water you'll need to keep your customers happy and hydrated.  Tardis Environmental can deliver a single pallet for a small festival or event or as many as you can shake a stick at for larger gatherings.

Our Bottled drinking water includes the following:

Screw cap bottles only 
  • 330ml screw cap, there are 24 water bottles in a case and there are 117 cases per pallet

  • 500ml screw cap available in a 24 case with 78 cases per pallet

Sports cap bottles only Bottled Water Sport Cap
  • 330ml sports cap has 24 bottles per case and has 104 cases per pallet

  • 500ml sports cap, this is only available in a case of 24 and has 78 cases per pallet

  • 750ml sports cap, comes with 12 to a case and has 90 cases per pallet

Flat cap bottles only
  • 1.5 litre drinking water bottle, which has 12 per case and has 52 cases per pallet

Bottled Drinking Water Options 2016

Our range of bottled drinking water


  • 330ml screw cap (Pack size - 24 bottles)
  • 330ml sports cap (Pack size - 24 bottles
  • 500ml screw cap (Pack size - 24 bottles)
  • 500ml sports cap (Pack size - 24 bottles)
  • 750ml sports cap (Pack size - 12 bottles)
  • 1.5ltr flat cap (Pack size - 12 bottles)

Tardis Environmental has a fast and reliable nationwide bulk bottled drinking water delivery service. We also offer tankered drinking water for large events.

As an alternative to bottled drinking water we can supply drinking water bowsers. Our Drinking water bowsers go through a rigorous cleaning cycle to ensure the drinking water is fit for purpose. All our drivers are EUSR trained in water hygiene.