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Construction Water Supply / Industrial Water Supply

Construction Site Water Supply

We know that construction is a thirsty business and we've the means to meet that need.

We offer a wide range of construction water supply and storage options. With our extensive fleet of bowsers and tankers we can supply water for specific needs, from the 32,000 litre artic water barrel to the smaller 1000 litre towable water bowser.

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With depots strategically positioned to cover the country we can respond rapidly to most bulk water storage and supply enquiries. We offer bulk water fills nationwide for both clean or quality assured, potable drinking water. 

In addition we supply bottled drinking water by the pallet which provides a convenient alternative, as well as water coolers ideal for site office cabins.

Construction Site Water

All our construction water supply and industrial water refilling is carried out by our experienced tanker and service drivers who are conversant with EUSR water hygiene. Tardis drivers also have accreditations such as CSCS cards. When we deliver your water supply you can rest assured that the water is clean, fresh, and in the case of potable water, quality assured. 

Our smallest option is a 1,000 litre towable bowser, and for thirstier needs our 32,000 litre H2O tanker trailers are just the ticket. We can provide up to 100 metres of lay flat pipe for difficult to reach water tanks.  Our tankers have branded quality pumps and carry adequate food grade lay flat pipe to reach fill points.  

30000 Tanker Trailer Side Bowser with Pump

Our bulk water tankers offer an excellent solution for delivering water to be used as ballast. When tanks are being installed we can provide a tanker to sit on site to slowly fill with water to be used as ballast to allow for effective installation. We also offer a hire option for tanker trailers to be left on site and filled or swapped for large bulk water requirements.

Construction Site Water for Ballast Construction Water Supply 

Our specialist fleet of tankers are equipped to supply and refill water on construction sites for a range of different requirements. Our 16,000 litre rear wheel steer water tanker is wizard at tight access situations such as farm gates. A variety of 4x4 vehicles including our trusty Land Rovers can access muddy sites with towable bowsers.

Construction site water requirements may include:

  • Site welfare facilities
  • Hydro-demolition
  • Geotechnical operations
  • Soakaway / percolation testing
  • Concrete batching plants
  • Dust suppression
  • Water for ballast
  • If you've any other industrial water supply requirement not listed above, please contact us. 

Bulk water for drilling operation

Bulk water for concrete batching plant operations

Tardis H2O on site tanker barrel rentals and refills

If a construction water supply or refill is required, then Tardis have the resources to meet your needs, from a choice of bowsers both static and towable, pillow tanks and for thirsty jobs, tanker trailers can be rented and filled on demand. 

For more information on our construction water supply service, call 0800 731 0589 or contact us through our Contact us page