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Event Water Supply

Festivals and events have now become an integral part of the UK summer with rock concerts, folk festivals, classical recitals and a lot of other outdoor events. As one of the leading supply companies in the country, we supply event water to many different types of festivals and events. 

5000 litre drinking water bowser

10,000 Litre Potable Water Tank spec sheet

10K Drinking Water Bowser

As the event and festival industry grows, the availability of clean drinking water becomes ever more important a resource and organisers are increasingly aware of their obligations in this regard. This is why our EUSR water hygiene accredited tanker drivers deliver our event water supply.

Water Bauer Connection

Mains supply not adequate?

We can provide petrol and electric water pumps that can deliver adequate volume of water if the mains water supply is unable to cope. The pumps will team up with our event water supply tanks,  giving a large boost to the volume of water a festival or event requires.

We have WRAS approved water bowsers and water tanks. Plus our Tardis fitter can fit WRAS approved piping to ensure that the water inside the water bowser/tank is free from contamination. Drivers are EUSR water hygiene trained and accredited. 


All our event water supply tanks are available for long term or short term hire and can be fitted with a protective cage, in case it is to be placed where heavy plant or vehicles are operating.

5000 litre water bowser and cage

Need a fill up?

We can supply fresh and clean drinking water to refill your water tank in the event of an emergency. With depots located nationwide and on a 24/7 emergency call service.

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Our range available for hire includes:

Water tanker trailers
  • 32,000 Litre water tanker trailers
  • 30,000 Litre water tanker trailers
  • 16,000 Litre water tanker trailers
Water tanks
  • 25,000 Litre water tank
  • 10,000 Litre water tank
  • 5,000 Litre water tank
Towable bowsers
  • 2,000 Litre drinking water bowser towable 
  • 1,000 Litre drinking water bowser towable 

Water tanker hire

Other services
We can also supply your event with portable toilets, portable urinals (4-bay and 6-bay) and portable showers.