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The H2O on site division of Tardis Environmental now takes care of all your drinking water needs, supplying quality assured drinking water from 330ml bottles to 32,000 litres per load tankers.

What's the difference between clean water and drinking water?

When we deliver "non drinking" water, this is good for wash downs, soakaway testing, jet washing, hydro demolition and welfare cabin needs, but is not "classed" as drinking water.

Potable or drinking quality water has to be prepared, delivered and stored in such a way to preserve its fitness for human consumption.  When we prepare a drinking water delivery, the vessel (tank or tanker) is prepared to strict Health & Safety guidelines levels of cleanliness.

Fittings used are WRAS* approved and are certified clean prior to use. Water used is drawn from approved local authority supplies. * Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

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The Drinking Water Inspectorate who oversee drinking water quality in the UK recommend that water stored for a period in excess of 48 hours, should be tested for levels of bacteria and tested each 48 hours after that.

If you are storing water for other people to drink, it is your responsibility to ensure that water is safe and fit for purpose.

Tardis Environmental have an on site Water Hygienist who will test the water and provide documentation to verify what has been carried out. Water can be tested at UKAS approved laboratories and detailed analysis provided. All part of our new water quality programme.

You can find lots more information on drinking water and drinking water quality assurance over at our new Tardis H2o on site web pages at

Our water tankers can be prepared to meet hygiene regulations in order to deliver water that is potable, and are equipped with powerful pumps and ample pipework to meet most delivery needs.

Tanker flush out making sure our 30,000 litre water tanker is really clean, the above video shows our flushing out and sanitisation methods. 

16,000 Litre Drinking Water Tanker
Tardis H2O 16,000 Litre Drinking Water Tanker

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