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Water barrier filling

Tardis Environmental provide a water barrier filling service nationwide. We can supply up to 32,000 litres of clean water that can fill any type of water barrier. 

Water barrier filling 1

Water barriers are utilised more often on highway maintenance and construction projects because they offer a simple, fast deployment to control traffic flow and offer protection from vehicles which may run into them. 

An empty barrier can typically weigh 35kg empty and 350kg when full, offering significant energy absorption and protection to those working inside the perimeter.

Water barrier filling 3

We can supply clean water to fill water barriers quickly and easily with our large 32,000 litre bulk water tanker. 

Water barrier filling 2

For more information on our water barrier filling service, call us on 0800 731 0589.

Water barrier filling 4

Water Barrier Emptying 

Where required on vacuum tankers can take away larger volumes of waste water and dispose within Environment Agency guidelines.

Our tankers are chapter 8 approved and carry the correct PPE and road safety equipment.