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Bottled Water Supply

Water cooler hire for your welfare cabin or office

If you are working on a construction site and have no access to a mains water supply, water cooler hire could be the ideal solution for providing your workers with potable drinking water. Water coolers are ideal for use in welfare/cabin offices, with desk top options available where space is at a minimum. 

All our water coolers come with two taps, the first tap is standard on all water coolers.  The second can either be a super chilled water tap or hot water for making cups of tea/coffee. 

Desktop water coolers for areas with limited space

For smaller sites, our desktop water cooler is ideal as it is compact in size. At just half the height of a normal water cooler, it is easier to locate.

Water cooler hire is also ideal if your event or festival site does not have access to a mains water supply. 

Water cooler units are incredibly easy to install, simply plug it into the nearest power point for chilled water in seconds.

Water cooler hire

For more information on water cooler hire, please call freephone 0800 731 0589.

The bottled water supply for our water coolers is drawn from deep below the rolling countryside of rural Staffordshire, rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, with no added chemicals such as chlorine, which can often be found in tap water.

Bottled Water Supply

Pictured on the left is our desk top water cooler, ideal if you are lacking space. On the right, the free standing water cooler unit. Both water coolers offer the same features, the only difference is the height.

Tardis also offer a wide range of bottled drinking water, in sizes from 330ml to 1.5 litre, different cap styles and pallet sizes. Visit our Bulk Bottled Drinking Water page for further information.