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Flexible Pillow Tanks

Tardis Environmental now offer a range of flexible tanks that can be used as a temporary or permanent solution. The flexible tanks also known as pillow tanks, get their name due to the "pillow case" like shape. Pillow tanks can sometimes be referred to ask collapsible flexible tanks, bladder tanks or lay flat tanks.

Our range of pillow tanks is manufactured from a highly resistant material, resistant to weather conditions -30˚C to +70˚C, also ensuring a long life span. Installation is quick and easy, all it requires is a perfectly flat and horizontal surface. 

Folded pillow tanks take up little space, and are therefore incredibly easy to transport and install.

Pillow tank 1

Pillow tank in transit

Pillow tank in transit

Festival pillow tanks

Pillow tanks at a festival

The tanks are suitable for a number of fields of use. 

Drinking Water Tanks

Potable water tanks offer a flexible and easy to install alternative. Ideal for storing drinking and food water applications such as:
  • Water reserves for development and emergency missions
  • Supply for remote sites
  • Storage of water for industrial processes
  • Water storage on building sites and living compounds

Drinking water pillow tanks

Non Drinking Water Storage Tanks

Non drinking water pillow tanks are ideal for long-term storage and preservation of water. Pillow tanks are the quickest solution to implement and require no special maintenance.

Suitable for several applications including:
  • Storage for water
  • Storage of water for drilling/mining operations
  • Storage of water for construction sites
  • Water storage for irrigation and watering
  • Storage of domestic water for living compounds
  • Storage of water for ballast

Water storage pillow tanks

Fire Water Tanks

Developed with the support of fire safety services over 50 years. The pillow tanks can be used for fire protection:
  • In remote areas
  • In areas where the water network is insufficient
  • On construction sites
  • For quickly bringing a farm or industrial site into compliance with standards

Fire pillow tanks

Industrial Effluents Tanks

The new range of pillow tanks can be used for the temporary or permanent storage of:
  • Chemicals (including acidic solutions)
  • Oils, lubricants and other liquids
  • Effluents including leachates, waste-water, sewage sludge

Industrial effluents pillow tank

Waste Water Tanks

Our flexible waste tanks are tried and tested solutions for bringing urban or industrial sewage plants into line with standards. To protect the environment, our pillow tanks are totally tight and are suitable for long-term storage of aggressive and fermentable liquids.

Waste water pillow tanks are suitable for the storage of:
  • Domestic waste water
  • Agro-food effluents
  • Liquid, industrial biological sludge
  • Urban sewage plant liquid sludge
  • Discharged leachates
  • Bio-digestate

Waste water pillow tank thumbnail

FAQ Pillow Tanks

Want to know more? We've compiled an information sheet with answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

FAQ Pillow Tanks

Demonstration video of the deployment and fill of 12,000 litre pillow tank with clean (non-drinking water)