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Tardis Fitter

Introducing the Tardis plumbing service

All Tardis vans are stocked with the parts required to plumb in various brands of toilet blocks, canteens, welfare units etc. Our Tardis plumbers fit pumps to bowsers, can connect welfare units to water supplies and fit waste pipes to either mains sewage lines or a waste tank. 

All bowsers can also be supplied with a 240v 16 amp on-demand pump.

We can also connect electrical items to the mains supply if required.

Tardis Fitter and Van

Shown below is an example of work we completed in London to connect six welfare cabins to two waste tanks, connecting the water supply and the electricity. 
Tardis Fitter Plumbing Tardis Fitter Plumbing 2

In the video, we show the testing of the waste pipes to ensure there are no leaks and that the water inlet to the cabins is working correctly.

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