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Tardis Plastic Waste Tanks

Our 500 gallon plastic waste holding tanks are designed to meet the demands of the portable sanitation industry.

Plastic waste tanks are suitable for: 
  • Construction sites
  • Events
  • Campsites
  • Wherever there is no mains sewer connection

Plastic waste tank features:
  • 12" waste hatches enable easy waste emptying and easy cleaning and sanitisation after use
  • 5" waste entry port allows easy connection to standards 4" plumbing
  • All access ports are sealable with screw on lids
  • Built in lifting handles and sling points
  • Upper surfaces sloped so that rainwater will collect

Plastic Waste Tanks

Linked Plastic Waste Tanks

Plastic waste tanks can be adapted and linked together using a Linking Kit, creating a chain of 2 or more tanks where waste volumes are high. The tanks are linkable in two directions (side by side, or nose to tail). Linking allows any capacity to be met, in multiples of 500 gallon. 

Plastic Waste Tanks below Site Cabin
Linked plastic waste tanks below site cabin

Plastic waste tanks in transit
Plastic waste tanks in transit

For technical information, click the thumbnail below to view the plastic waste tank specification sheet

Tardis Plastic Waste Tanks