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NEW - Self Contained Pressure Washer Bowser

Pressure Washer Bowser

A self-contained pressure washer with 1125 litre highway EU water bowser.

Highway approved bowsers have their own braking system, and provided the towing vehicle is to the correct specification, the bowser can be towed in a filled condition.

The pressure washer bowser is based upon a T bar frame, mounted on an Avonride rubber torsion axle. The tank is a elliptical Polyethylene moulded construction which is baffled and includes an 18" lockable outer hinged lid.

The pressure wash is powered by a Yanmar electrically activated L100 ten horse power engine driving a 200 bar 15 litres per minute piston pump.

For further technical information on our new pressure washer bowser, click the spec sheet thumbnail below.

NEW 1125 Litre 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Bowser Thumb

Pressure Washer Bowser

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