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16000 Litre Clean Water Tanker

16k clean water tanker

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Specification sheet
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Our new 16,000 litre clean water tankers provide mid range bulk clean water supply. Fitted with 2" Bauer fittings petrol driven pump.  Pipework available on request.

This vehicle is ideal for bulk water deliveries, wash downs, soakaway tests, site water, event water supply, hydro demolition, in fact, anywhere where a supply of clean bulk water is needed, we can deliver.

Rear Wheel Steer 16,000 Litre Water Tanker

Our 26 tonne, 16,000 litre bulk water delivery tanker has a trick up its sleeve. Rear wheel steer making it the perfect delivery vehicle over larger articulated delivery vehicles as it is more manoeuvrable.

New 16000 litre r/w steer H2o tanker

H2o tanker livery

The H2O tanker can deliver up to 16,000 litres of clean or quality assured drinking water. 

The tanker can be connected to most welfare units which will provide fresh water for washing hands and flushing toilets.

Download the spec sheet for more info

26 tonne r/w steer H2o

Click here to download the Bulk Water Delivery brochure showing a wide range of bulk water solutions.

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IMPORTANT:  Our drivers will not climb on top of tanks to deliver water.


Difficult deliveries must be made with adequate Health & Safety approved supervision including equipment, PPE (in addition to that carried by Tardis crew members) and properly devised Method statements / risk assessments.

To discuss what is meant by difficult delivery, please call us before booking the delivery.

H2O Tanker Trailer SideH20 Tanker trailer side

We can also supply you with a 6000 gallon water storage tanker. Our water storage tankers are similar to our H2O tankers but with a larger capacity. The water storage tanker delivers clean water only and can be used for bulk water delivery, wash downs, soakaway and any other large capacity requirements. 

44 Ton Bulk Water Tanker

Emergency Water Supply

Tardis has nationwide coverage and is on call 24 hour 7 days a week.

If you are in need of a emergency water supply, you can count on Tardis Environmental.