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 High Pressure Water Pump Hire

WX10 Water Pump    WH20 Petrol Pump

Petrol, electric or Diesel water pumps provide added water pressure where required and can be added to your hire on request.

WX10 Portable
The WX10 water pump is the ideal choice for a home owner, keen gardener and boat owners. This super portable water pump is compact and lightweight, making it easier to transport to the location where needed. 

The 360 degree lubrication system allows the WX10 to carry on working at virtually any angle without spilling oil or affecting the pump's optimal lubrication, this ensures a trouble-free operation after transportation. 

WX10 Water pump WH20 water pump

The WH20 high pressure water pump has a powerful Honda GX160 engine; this in turn powers the cast iron impeller for high abrasion resistance. This will produce exceptionally high pressure which is ideal for jetting, long hose irrigation or even fire fighting applications. 
WH20 Connected

Both of the above water pumps are ideal for fresh water pumping. 

A dirty water pump that offers great performance.

General Water Pumps 

WB20 Pump  WB30

The WB20 and WB30 water pumps with their abrasion resistant cast iron volute and impeller, provides extra durability for handling dirty water containing, silt or sand. This makes the WB20 and the WB30 ideal for construction sites.
Their water output capacity is also great if you have a flooded area such as a car park and need to remove water quickly.

WB20 water pump WB30 water pumps

Download our spec sheets on the WB20 Water Pump or WB30 Water Pump.

WB30 Pumping  WB30 Water Transfer

Suspended Solids Water Pump


The WT20 water pump is built for large debris removal. The maximum debris size this model can handle is 24mm (approx 1" pieces). An ideal choice if you have dirty water with large debris mixed in.

WT20 Water Pumping

Electric Water Pumps 

Dab 35/45 Water Pump  Side Dab JET-35/45  Water Pump gauge

The DAB water pump is great for pumping clean and debris free liquid, making this ideal for jobs like tank filling, domestic water supply, water transfer and pressure boosting.

Download our Electric Water Pump spec sheets.

Electric water pump Electric water pump help guide

If you've already an on demand pump on hire, please read the below information sheet which provides important information for their use in sub-zero temperatures.

Sub Zero On Demand Pump Advice Thumb

NEW! Pump protection box - highly recommended for protecting electric pumps.

Pump Protection Box

How to install and trouble shoot an on-demand electric water pump

od pump toubleshoot
View or download this helpful
guide to troubleshoot or re prime 
an on demand pump Just Click!

Static Bowser

Pictured - one of our static bowsers with an electric water pump ready to provide water for a construction site that need a water supply.

  • Self-priming jet assisted centrifugal pump provides higher pressure and great suction ability.

  • Pump body and impeller made from stainless steel, ejector made of plastic with high intensity and abrasion proof.

  • TEFC motor corrosion resistant which will exclude dust and dirt. Protected against both high operating temperature and high current by a built-in automatically resetting thermal overload.

  • Screwed suction and discharge, quick and easy installation.

Diesel powered clean water pump

Take a look at our new heavy duty diesel powered clean water pump. A self priming centrifugal pump powered by a Subaru engine.

Capable of moving 600 litres a minute with an 8 metre lift (though 6 metres is maximum recommended).

  2 inch diesel water pump

thumb 2 inch diesel water pump 2 inch diesel water pump troubleshooter

mini-Compacta U1.60

The mini-Compacta sewage lifting unit is ideally suited for draining waste water from toilets installed below the flood level.

Available as a ready-to-connect lifting unit for single-family houses or as a dual-pump lifting unit.

Mini compacta 2

Submersible Water Pump 

Water Pump Hire

Sewage submersible water pump hire

Vertical, single-stage submersible wastewater pumps made from cast iron, can be used for pumping a variety of applications consisting of waste water and sewage.

Pumping of waste water containing solid matter or domestic sewage from toilets, washing machines and dishwashers in intermittent operation.
Surface water or rainwater pumping from car parks and uneven surfaces. Ideal for drainage of sumps and cellars liable to flooding

The heavy-duty submersible water pump works superbly in flooded basements, deep wells and assisting our vacuum tankers sucking up waste from a depth of 7 metres or more.

Sewage submersible water pump Spec Sheet
Submersible waste water pump

Dirty Water Submersible Water Pump

Water Pump Hire

This electric submersible water pump is great for transferring dirty water from waste tanks and can handle up to 50mm of solids. This makes the submersible pump ideal for jobs like transferring from a waste tank.

Download our waste tank water pump
Spec Sheet
Submersible pump