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Tardis presented with FORS Bronze award 

What is FORS?

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is an industry-led membership scheme that will change and transform freight delivery in London whether it be a van or a lorry.

The scheme is free and open to any company operating a fleet of vans or lorries in the capital. It will help Tardis Environmental meet the ever increasing demands of our customers and their contractual obligations whilst helping us drive down costs.

FORS Bronze

FORS offer practical advice and guidance that can reduce fuel consumption and fines such as penalty charge notices.

FORS will help us become even safer, more environmentally focused and better equipped to deal with the trials of driving in London such as CO2 emissions and management of collisions should they occur. Legal compliance is another benefit of membership and we'll be able to demonstrate more fully our commitment to health and safety, managing work-related road risk and improving efficiency.

How did Tardis achieve the Bronze FORS award?

To achieve the Bronze FORS award, Tardis Environmental had to meet all the standards laid down by FORS and provide evidence that we have in place a system for monitoring the core KPIs.

Here are the headings which Tardis provided evidence of to receive the Bronze Award.

  1. Drivers and driver management
  2. EU Working Time Directive and drivers' hours
  3. Driver fitness and health
  4. Speed limits
  5. Mobile phones and in-vehicle technology
  6. Agency and subcontracted drivers
  7. Vehicle maintenance and fleet management

What are the benefits of a FORS membership?

Fuel Advice
FORS will offer practical ways to help us cut costs and improve the efficiency of our fleet which will help reduce the impact of freight transport on London's Environment.

Tools and guides
FORS tools and guides will help us to better manage fuel usage and monitor and record progress.

Fact sheets
The fact sheet will include topics such as: 
  • Alternative fuels
  • Engaging staff
  • Preventing diesel spills

Miles per gallon diagnostic tool
FORS have created a simple and easy to use spreadsheet to help us collect and analyse vehicle and fuel use data which can be adapted to our company needs and will feed data into FORS benchmarking system.

Driver licence checks
FORS driver licence check to ensure drivers are on the road legally and reduce time spent checking driver's credentials

Roadside recovery service
FORS members will also have the benefit of AVRO recovery at a discounted pay with no joining or administration fee.

Driver profiling
This will help in improving our drivers standards even more. 

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FORS Bronze Certificate 2016