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Get to know Tardis

Say hello to Tardis with this short video which shows a little of our history from when we began 25 years ago to where we are now, employing the latest technology to schedule work across the country.

Bulk water for percolation testing

This video shows our 16,000 litre rear wheel steer water tanker attending site to provide the water for soak away / percolation testing carried out by our clients.

IBC Cleansing and Chlorination

A rather stunning example of how we decontaminated two IBC water tanks at the client's site which had considerable contamination from algae following a spell of warm weather. 

Water barrier filling

Tardis H2O regularly attends highway construction and maintenance sites to provide bulk water to fill water barriers. A typical water weighs 35kg when empty, and 350kg when full offering considerable protection when arranged as a perimeter barrier as shown in this video located on a business traffic island in Flintshire.

Portable Toilet Servicing Page Banner

The company was founded on the hire and service of portable toilet units and we are still strong today in this area of the environmental services market. This is a short introductory video which illustrates the high standards we maintain servicing units in the field. 

portable toilet servicing long version

Toilet Block Tank Emptying Page Banner

Quite often you will see our tankers out in the country where there is limited or no mains sewage facility. Businesses and construction quite often have larger waste disposal needs than our domestic clients and therefore our tanker fleet is tailored to perfectly meet these requirements.

Welfare and Toilet Block Servicing Page Banner

We've a fleet of tankers perfectly equipped to remove wet waste with minimum of fuss and dispose of it legally and ethically, a volume area of our operations is service of welfare and toilet blocks where we empty waste tanks, top up water tanks with clean water for toilet flushing and hand washing (not drinking) and we dispose of the waste legally and ethically at local authority sewage treatment works. Our H2O division deals with bulk water which can also be prepared to DWI standards for the transport and storage of quality assured drinking water. 

Septic Tank Emptying Page Banner

Not all septic tanks are conveniently located when it is time to empty them, this one for example was 130 metres inside a somewhat muddy field, which necessitated calling in a Tardis support vehicle to provide the extra hose needed to complete the job. We can't go getting out tankers all muddied up can we?!

Pillow tank hire page banner

Pillow tanks provide a convenient and instant solution for a range of liquid storage. There main feature is they are easy to transport when empty, can be set up in minutes, can be discreetly located and removed from site when the job is complete. Our film shows how simple they are to deploy. 

H2O tanker passes the head office page banner

Our 16,000 litre H2O water tanker just happens to pass by our Brownhills HQ allowing us to catch it on film. 

Swimming Pool Fill Page Banner

Our mission was to fill two swimming pools at a brand new leisure centre in Nottinghamshire with in excess of 400,000 litres of clean water over a period of 5 days. This bridged film shows the main elements of how we went about achieving it. 

Tanker Flush Out Page Banner

Cleanliness is a watchword when it comes to dealing with bulk water, this film shows how we deal with a suspected minor contamination of one of of bulk water tankers which we flushed out and sanitised for good measure. 

Clearly a better fill

A short video showing how we fill a 16,000 litre tanker with clean water from an authorised hydrant. 

4 Bay Portable Shower Trailer Page Banner

One of our new products for 2016 is the 4 bay self-contained portable shower trailer offering bathing facilities for up to 4 people in complete privacy. Since their introduction these simple to set up units have proven very popular indeed and as this film shows they can be deployed with minimum of fuss and manpower.

Road Sweeper Hire Page Banner

Our road sweepers operate in a variety of locations, cleaning up messy construction sites, car parks, un-adpoted roads and can be employed for gully emptying too. Towards the end of this film you'll see just how effective one road sweeper can be in a heavily overgrown alleyway. 

Duty of Care Page Banner

In addition to the daily checks carried out by Tardis drivers as a legal requirement before they leave the depot, we also have HGV inspectors who thoroughly inspect vehicles at our depots around the country. We got up early one morning and made this film at one such depot. 

Safety Features Page Banner

We've taken delivery of several new tankers during 2016 and these are just bristling with safety features. The left turn audible warning activates when the driver switches on his left hand indicator activating a spoken warning that the vehicle is turning left. In addition to this the side scan video warning system will activate if a pedestrian or cyclist is at the left hand side of the vehicle so the driver maybe alerted to such dangers.